Quitting Cigarettes with ECigs



If you are quitting smoking we suggest the following inventory:

Four Batteries

Why? Ecigs have come a long way since the days when they were like sucking so much air. Still, it's electronics which are notoriously undependable regardless of manufacturer. You might get an Eveready rabbit for a battery; you might get a dud, or a stick that needs to be reset a lot. On average, for every pair I purchase one is invariably a powerhouse, the other in some way just not up to it. I tell myself that the one is very expensive with the other tossed in for free. They begin to seem less than randomly boxed after a while. Perhaps my experience with ecigs has simply been unlucky. However, even if yours is a flawless experience, such that you can rotate a couple batteries indefinitely, occasions will likely arise giving reasonable cause to have a spare third. For myself, for a combination of reasons it's been convenient to have a fourth. Do have three if you've been a heavy smoker. Four should square you away for just about any unforeseen circumstance.

Because there's no smoke or ashes you may find yourself initially vaping like you wouldn't smoke cigarettes. But you'll pull back naturally upon customization and enjoy it the more. One day you'll notice you haven't had a vape in a few hours and didn't even miss it, which doesn't happen with cigarettes. Be as may, the $8 throwaway ecig bought countertop in no way compares to a good battery with your own brew in the cartridge. The disposable might last you as long as nigh a pack of cigarettes or half a day as a chain smoker. They're lighter and easier on your fingers. But both a $15 battery with a one-dollar cartridge should last several months (far longer than the "suggested" usage for blanks). Your cartridge won't last as long as a disposable ecig but the juice required to fill it is pennies to dollars for another disposable. Factors variable, even less expensive disposables can be considerably more costly than cigarettes, and perhaps 50 times more expensive than DIY if you figure juice alone. All in all it's like comparing 8 cents to 8 dollars. It's well worth the savings only to switch to juicing your own blanks if not DIY.

V2s are the little engines that could, the work horses that pull the load. Based in Florida (subject to hurricanes), V2 has become to be the big dog in the vaping industry, with multiple good reasons for that, though they aren't perfect. If not purchasing a mod (which I never have) your choice of battery will be between automatic and manual. Manuals have a tiny button to shut off the battery, preserving both that and liquid. Be mindful of that detail when you purchase or you could end up with a battery you don't want. I use automatics (cigarettes don't have complicating buttons) and find slipping a thumb over the cartridge to cut off air considerably simpler, if not so technically efficient, than pressing a button. If you hang electronic cigarettes out your mouth keep your tongue over the cartridge orifice. Breathing will wear the battery even if the tip doesn't light. As for V2's 110 mm long-life battery, one full charge should last you one full day at the job or a night on the town. I've come to settle on V2's standard length (79 mm) ecig though, also V2's closest resemblance to a cigarette. The 110 mm are too long and heavy, reminding you that your fingers have bones. They bang into things and are clumsier in general than the shorter lengths. I was always afraid I might accidentally club myself to death with one of those. Besides, it's like having to decide between a tall glass and a short one: if you can't then choose the shorter since it's less easy to accidentally knock over. However, of the 12 V-2s I've purchased I've gotten several which required resetting from the start, brand new, if not complete duds. (An ecig you have to reset once is an ecig you'll have to reset again and again. Having to reset a battery that has functioned flawlessly for months is a sign that it's finally wearing out, though a good battery can die without ever needing to reset it.) Resetting isn't difficult. You only need a sharp instrument to gently lift the little plate (atomizer) at the end of the battery a wee bit to give it air.

I've used White Cloud batteries (also based in Florida) with V2 filters for a perfectly good vape. White Cloud is said to be incompatible with V2. But that isn't entirely so. V2 sells adaptors for White Cloud batteries to use with their blank cartridges, but the adaptor isn't absolutely necessary and adds length more unwieldy to hold. The long White Cloud 3X is a no-nonsense battery more comfortable to hold than the long 110 mm V2s. They only need charging more frequently. I used White Clouds for a couple of years. But, electronically speaking, they're no more reliable than V2s. Simplicity finds me settled on V2's standard battery (3.11 inches) as the overall best. White Cloud USB chargers will also charge V2 batteries.

As for Blus, they vape just fine. But they aren't compatible with anything but Blu and their "tanks" are way overpriced. What doesn't work with V2 blanks doesn't work for me. The quality of V2 blanks has dropped a touch over the years, but they're the standard concerning which I've found no others to compare at a dollar per. As for Blus, you can refill their expensive prefilled tanks (cartridges). But all in all they are less than compatible than other companies with the notion of saving money via DIY vaping. One reason alone is their proprietary stick. No mixing and matching with other companies. Blus are otherwise a major player in the vaping realm, due largely to marketing expertise.


Same rationale as batteries. USB, wall, auto, whatever, have three or four for surprise situations, such as having to leave the house for a day, whatever. If your intention with vaping is to quit smoking then have spares because it's electronics that are unreliable. I've never bought a bad Eveready battery, but ecig electronics are another realm. Two of anything doesn't mean you've got a spare, including chargers, and it can be confusing. One might think it's a new battery that's needed when it's actually a gone charger. Chargers, however cheap, should last for years, not months. As for (not so) fancy carry case portable chargers, they're more expense and trouble than they're worth excepting travel in scenarios where there's nowhere to plug in a charger, like on horseback in the wilderness. Though I've found such handy, because the cigarette lighter in my car doesn't work, I've not replaced the one I've lost because it's easier to simply carry extra batteries already charged. Incidentally, White Cloud USB chargers will also charge V2 batteries. V2 USBs charge only V2s. Blu chargers are also entirely proprietary, charging only Blus.

Blank Cartridges

How long will a box of forty last if you go through five a day and reuse them at least fifteen times? Four months. (I bought a box of forty ten months ago, and am yet using twenty of them after one cleaning. Five more remain unused at all. As commented elsewhere, I've gotten a prefilled cartridge from V2 that just wouldn't quit. I refilled it time after time for 2 1/2 years until it finally went kaput upon its first washing. I do use carts, though, beyond what some would, preferring to waste juice over more expensive cartridges. Some vapers reuse cartridges indefinitely by replacing the inner exhausted fiber material with such as fluval, polyester fiberfill, teabag sacks, etc.. I don't go that far. But some carts are so good that you can reuse them to the point that the wrappers come off. At which time some vapers even replace the wrappers with such as Avery sticky labels cut to size, bare metal at one's teeth less than pleasant.

We suggest you purchase blank cartridges from V2. That's because I've no clue where to get them anywhere else that isn't way overpriced. My last purchase of V2 blanks was a nice surprise, they returning to rubber caps to reduce sensitivity to teeth from metal. They had been experimenting with plastic caps on a prior purchase, which left unpleasant contact with metal. We also applaud V2's return to condoms that can be used to easily refill blanks. V2 had likewise experimented with condoms that would have made it necessary to use an eyedropper to refill blanks if you hadn't saved any old condoms. We're impressed that V2 has improved what for a brief period, perhaps to cut costs, had been a compromised product. Howsoever, be careful when pulling protective condoms off blanks. You might wonder where the rubber cap for a blank went (perhaps the trash bin with the little rubber cap still inside the condom). You can refill flavored prefill cartridges as well as blanks. Pop off the caps with tweezers. As for V2's EX cartridges for their EX 100 mm batteries, they aren't refillable, meaning costly.

As for White Cloud's Clear Draw 2 cartridges, like V2's Ex and such, there's a little more product in a longer filter, but they aren't refillable either, meaning expensive.

Base or Finished Juice

"Base" differs from "finished" insofar as base what you make with PG and a flavor perhaps in powder form such as vanilla, malt or menthol. Base also comes in already liquid form in every flavor except, apparently, tapioca. Base juice is that to which you add to PG, VG and optional nicotine to concoct a "finished" juice ready to vape. A thing to keep in mind is that if you refill carts you will get blends unless you keep them separate. I've found that most flavors blend together nicely except those you may not like in the first place. (Pumpkin, for instance, is great in bread or pie, but doesn't work for me in beer or an ecig.) Since vanilla is probably the most neutral of sweet eliquid flavors it blends well with most others. It's also the closest to a tobacco flavor that isn't precisely a tobacco flavor (that or cherry - think pipe tobacco). The strictly tobacco flavors I'd tried years ago were just fine. But when I quit smoking I wanted just a remove away from tobacco, which made vanilla perfect at the time. As for menthol, it was too heavy to smoke more regularly than on occasion. But heavy translates to fresh with vaping, such that menthol opens up the lungs with deep cool breathing in a way that menthol cigarettes can't. (Next time you have to climb a fourteener pack some mint or menthol vapes to help you breathe to the top.) Most base flavors are sold at locations like ECigExpress in 10ml or 30ml quantities. I put finished juices in 50ml bottles, two of which I got per V2's large 50ml bottles of prepared juice which I vaped for a month until I learned to make my own.

Yeah, DIY can seem a pain in the neck. Every couple months I have to spend an hour or so concocting more base and/or finished juices. I generally make a lot of base of four ingredients at once, like from 50ml to 100ml of whatever. Make all you want. Then you only have to prepare finished juices once in a while. Another time consumer is filling several blank cartridges every day. It takes about ten minutes while watching YouTube. But loading a quarter's worth of liquid into some carts far and away beats a broad equivalence of $4 to $12 dollars, depending on where you live, for cigarettes. Figure that for Pall Malls; double it for Camels or Marlboros. As commented elsewhere, even if you don't wish to fuss with DIY you'll save enormously over tobacco costs by simply switching to V2 batteries, blanks and ready-made eliquids, so much so that unless you actually prefer cigarettes you're nuts to not switch from smoking to vaping. You could buy a (very) cheap used car in a year with the difference. You can get some of V2's ejuice in large reusable 50ml bottles with eyedroppers that are great for DIY. If you're quitting smoking two 50ml bottles of V2 juice will easily get you through your first month of vaping, that or three 30ml bottles. By the time you've used those you should be more ready to start making your own liquid blends. Again, if you're vaping to quit smoking your usage may at first be excessive. But you'll naturally taper down upon becoming accustomed to the difference. Instead of intently getting that last drag you can put it off.

What measure of nicotine should you buy? I started smoking Pall Mall straights when I was fifteen. Forty years later I was smoking the equivalent of two packs of regular Camel filters each day. I can say that 24mg is overkill unless you're a Lucky Strike smoker or roll your own. (Rolling your own is about the only way you can beat the cost of DIY vaping with tobacco.) If you smoked the way I did you'll like 18mg, from which you can gradually wean yourself down if you wish to be nicotine free. For sake of simplicity I buy pure 100mg in PG and dose it later (18mg [18%], 12mg [12%], etc.). Though nicotine is what delivers the majority of satisfaction that is TH (throat hit) whether smoking or vaping, you should discover per vaping that you don't need as much as you think. I like TH but have whittled nicotine down over the years to 12mg for DIY, which is more than enough. What is the equivalent in measure isn't the equivalent in method, smoking vs vaping. Method makes vaping more satisfactory at lower dosages (mgs) than smoking. Just a heads up. If you become nauseous upon vaping you're probably using more nicotine than you think is needful anyway.


That's all: batteries, chargers, blanks and eliquid. You're ready to become smoke-free for at least a month. Your only expense for several more months should be only juice, the price of vaping already so much cheaper than smoking that it's perfectly absurd all the way to bank. You shouldn't need another $15 battery for a minimum of half a year. You're good to go just as you are. But if you want to reduce the cost of vaping to a Jefferson per month that means DIY instead of purchasing prefilled carts or premade liquids. Making your own eliquids is not difficult. Anything one does is initially confusing. But once you become familiar with DIY it doesn't take a lot of time. If I don't have to make a base (already have flavor prepared) it only takes about ten minutes to concoct something, another ten minutes if I have to do something like crunch menthol crystals into powder for a menthol base (dissolved into PG). Be as may, DIY vaping makes for a worthwhile hobby, your home smells nice because now you can breathe to detect such, and you can afford a bit of something that you couldn't before. (I recall the intensity of odors only several days after I stopped smoking. I went sniffing about like a dog.) As for who may be disposed to a moment's bad attitude when confronting little leisure to invent more juice, when're I need prepare potions in a murdering mood I summon some scene from Perfume and it all seems less rude.


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