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Common Base Mixes and Finished Juices



PG: Propylene glycol: main ingredient that also contributes to TH

PGA: Propylene glycol and grain alcohol (Everclear): preferred by some to PG

TH: Throat hit, which smokers usually like although cigarettes don't compare

VG: Vegetable glycerine: produces the vapor but dilutes flavor and reduces TH

DIY - Base Mixes


Ethyl Vanillin. I mix vanilla powder into PG for base eliquid just like other bases below: 25% powder to 75% PG, meaning 1/2 level teaspoon of powder per 7.5ml PG. (One half teaspoon = 2.45ml or nigh 25%.) You can mix 1/2 teaspoon into 10ml PG and still get acceptable flavor, though vanilla is weak. Vanilla is just a nice basic flavor (which I've since replaced with maple syrup eliquid for a heavier everyday all-day vape). 20 grams of any flavor, with three main flavors going, lasts me well above a year. If vanilla is all you vape you might want 60 grams to last you the same amount of time. If you don't wish to base vanilla you can get it already finished at V2.


Menthol crystals. Be careful with mints. Nice as menthol is, keep your hands away from your face, especially your eyes, when you're mixing it. Won't do any damage, but could make life uncomfortable for a time. Menthol crystals are the reason you want a mortar and pestle, to grind them to powder. You can prepare the long crystals you get by placing not a lot between two sheets of wax paper and rolling a bottle over them. Once crunched, pulverize them with mortar and pestle. I mix menthol powder into PG for base liquid just like vanilla above: 25% powder to 75% PG, meaning 1/2 level teaspoon of powder to 7.5ml PG per 10ml. You can mix 1/2 teaspoon into 10ml PG and still get good flavor, especially with menthol. As for the Koolada method of getting a cool vape (liquid or powder), it didn't do a lot for me. If you don't want to base menthol you can get it already finished at V2. Peppermint is a perfect vape as well.


Ethyl maltol. Ethyl maltol is a sweetener much like myself. As a flavor it's somewhere called Cotton Candy, there also being a malted milk flavor. It makes a good everyday vape. I mix malt for base just like menthol above, at 25% powder to 75% PG. That means you'll dissolve 1/2 level teaspoon (equivalent to 2.45 ml, that is, nigh 25%) into 7.5ml PG. Like menthol, malt has a more pronounced flavor than vanilla. You can add 1/2 teaspoon to 10ml PG (instead of 7.5) and still get a good vape.


DIY - Finished EJuices

The eJuice Me Up eJuice Calculator   A calculator that you can use just so:

Nicotine Strength eJuice

If you use 100mg nicotine in straight PG you would put 100 in the PG box, 0 in the VG box, 100 in the last box. If you use 50mg nicotine in a PG/VG blend of 50/50 you would place 50 in the PG box, 50 in the VG box and 50 in the last box. Disposable latex gloves are suggested with nicotine. If you like a challenge try a couple catcher mitts. One can never be too safe, except for truckers snoring to sleep at the wheel on slow California freeways.

Target Nicotine Strength

18mg will do a heavy smoker just fine. If like me, you may find yourself reducing, which I highly suggest. I presently use 12mg and could reduce that further with negligible loss to a good vape. I view nicotine a little like super caffeine. With vaping a little goes a long way, such that the 18mg strength suggested for smokers is actually over the top with DIY.

Amount to Make

Experimental first mixes are at 10ml for a lot of vapers. You can mix experiments at 5ml to save ingredients if you think you might concoct something that you'll have to toss. But you might come up with a chaos effect between small and larger measurements. I experiment at 30ml, though that little assists my attitude.


Whatever you might use that isn't a flavor, though you could put, say, 2% malt in this row if you like to round out your blends a touch sweeter or prefer a taste less dry. (Vanilla can be improved with a touch of malt.)


21% - 22% is a good rule of thumb for trial flavors. 20% is easier math but some flavors ask a bit more. Menthol at 21% from menthol crystals is an excellent vape. I tried 25% once, was mistaken for an ice cube and nearly drowned under the umbrella in someone's vodka tonic. Maltol at 21% is also perfect. It's a touch on the weak side, for myself, for vanilla from ethyl vanillin. So for vanilla there's no danger to put 25% in that box.

Target PG & Target VG

I like TH (throat hit) and a lot of flavor so I blend at 80/20. (PG assists with TH. VG dilutes TH and flavor. VG is the cloudy mist you see upon exhaling.) Most commercial eliquids are mixed at about 70/30 or 75/25 for visual appeal. I get a nice enough cloud at 80/20.

Common Calculations

1/4 teaspoon powder = slightly more than 10% of 10ml (12% to be precise, but 10% is easier to calculate). If you would rather use a scale 1/4 teaspoon = 1.25 grams of powder. Teaspoons are measured level, not heaping. Per above, you can save on flavors by mixing at a 1/2 teaspoon (2.45ml) per 10ml rather than 7.5ml.

100mg nicotine base translates to percent in mixing: 10mg = 10%. Drops would be double the mg or percent for 10ml of mixture: a blend of 10mg nicotine = 20 drops of 100mg nicotine per 10ml. A blend of 20mg = 40 drops per 10ml and so forth.


All in all, my basic mix for 50 ml of any juice from base is 26-27 PG, 11-12 flavor, 6 VG and 6 nicotine. Once you've your basic supply of electronics and ingredients you largely vape for dimes rather than smoke for dollars. No more pilfering of someone's silverware to get yourself a pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes were absurdly priced thirty years ago. What they are now is unutterable.


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