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Save this and that like condoms (rubber caps) in which new cartridges are protected. They'll come in handy, especially to refill carts. For that matter, save the little rubber caps you get with V2 blank cartridges before you toss them. With DIY you never know when you might want something.

How to clean batteries: grain alcohol and a Q-Tip at the threaded end of your battery. Perhaps once a week. (Good luck. Try several months.) You can also use ethyl alcohol. If you use isopropyl alcohol you'll want to be sure it's evaporated before you vape. Blech. Be as may, only once have I needed to clean a battery because it didn't work. The V2 battery that I used continuously for eight months when I stopped smoking I cleaned two or three unnecessary times.

How to know when carts need refilling: no vape, or bad taste, from heating dry wadding. You should be able to refill most new cartridges at least 10 times. I reuse them way more than that, until they're gone, because I'd rather waste pennies of cheaper juice than cartridges which cost $1.50 a piece. O yeah, at that price exhaust them until they don't function at all. If the plastic wrap begins to come off you can peel it away entirely and just keep using it. That's the clear layer above the colored layer. When the colored layer comes off, meaning an unusually good cartridge, then I toss it, since teeth on bare metal isn't quite pleasant. As mentioned, that doesn't stop some vapers. They cut a sticky Avery label to size and wrap the filter again. When a filter no longer delivers at least an hour of vaping I toss it in the wash container. If I've already cleaned it once I toss it. Don't let juice overflow the hole in the cartridge upon refilling or it will sputter upon vaping.

How to refill carts: You can pop the caps (any) and drip 15 to 18 drops of ejuice down the inner wall. Zero waste. If you don't like popping caps there is another method. You'll waste a drop of eliquid that way because you have to blow it out. But it's easy and quick. Push down on the cartridge slowly, perhaps a few times. Wriggle it and wag it to get it really juiced, but don't squirt yourself in the eye.

How to know when carts need cleaning: when they are full but don't vape right. Cleaning cartridges is very easy. Pop the caps with a pair of tweezers and boil ten minutes in water. Give the caps, submerged in vinegar, 30 seconds in a microwave. Washing cartridges will totally destroy some of them. But you should be able to reuse the remainder at least 5 times. Now you're starting to see why ecig companies have begun pushing nonrefillables: You want vape; they want money. But when they stop selling blanks I stop vaping, that is, when it stops being a good deal. Prefills that one can purchase over the counter are great, very light as well. But their prices hover near that of cigarettes by usage comparison. So I buy one only when I'm feeling especially rich, which ain't often.

How to know when carts need to be discarded: when they're full but don't vape right after cleaning once. As mentioned elsewhere, some vapers never toss cartridges, replacing the inner wadding with such as fluval, polyester fiberfill, teabag sacks, etc.. Some also replace the adhesive wrapping around the filter. For myself, that's taking DIY a bit too far. But you've those options if you wish to make vaping even cheaper than it already is. The main reason I vape is because it's relatively inexpensive. Once I have to become elite we'll have to part ways.

Think the battery you've got isn't working? It may only need resetting, which isn't uncommon though something a pain in the neck. Delicately lift the little plate (atomizer) at the cartridge end of the battery with tweezers. It will raise just a wee bit. Your ECig should then function as before. You can ruin the atomizer if you're too rough, so the barest touch does it.

Storage of DIY ingredients: refrigerator with two exceptions: I leave finished juices countertop. Flavor "develops" with time at room temperature. Most, but not all, flavors should have a shelf life of a couple of years. As for nicotine, it should go in the freezer, as it will begin breaking down over a period of a few months. It will remain easy to work with, as nicotine doesn't freeze.

Where to Purchase DIY Inventory

           Propylene Glycol    Vegetable Glycerin   Menthol Crystals   All at Amazon.

                      Nicotine   Ethyl Maltol   Ethyl Vanillin   All at ecigexpress.

                      DIY Flavors

Heads up: Lorann flavors are oil based. They are mixed differently from other brands at ecigsexpress (such as requiring alcohol, etc.) and should be kept apart from other operations as a thing to itself. I would avoid Lorann if you aren't familiar with DIY. Of the sixty some other flavors we've tried at Ecigexxpress the absolute winner with wide margin beyond the rest is Flavor Art's Maple Syrup.

           Blanks and eliquid in 50ml bottles Too bad eyedroppers no longer come with V2 juices.

          30ml bottles and such (Amazon)

Not all smoke is bad. Here's some interesting smoke art, alike which I've not yet seen with vegetable glycerin, though I'm sure it's being done. Anyway, we don't sell anything on this website. We're not connected for profit in any way with the above companies. They are in fact the best places of which I know to purchase ecig products. If you've somehow found these pages via Google you're presently reading the best possible information with the least possible profit agenda. Ecigarette Forum is the only other place on the internet of which I currently know where you can get the true scoop about ecigs and DIY without coloring. We just want to make quitting smoking as simple as possible for you. Put $300 together, make sense out of these few pages, get your supplies, and do it. But $300 is big money, so at least get a couple batteries and chargers, a box of blanks and some juice. DIY can slice off 90% of what it costs to smoke, in addition to being healthier and, for myself, considerably more enjoyable.

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